5 colours for a happy home

Colours play a significant role in uplifting an individual’s spirit and completely defining their day. Not only does a colour have the capacity to make you happy, it can also pull down your spirits and make you feel gloomy. Knowing that the place you stay in will have such a strong hold over your emotions and feelings, its necessary for the people who live in it to make the right choice and ensure that you end up feeling lighter and happier and not lower nor gloomier. Another significant pointer to remember is that the colours you paint your home with are a true reflection of your personality. The happier colours you choose, the happier of a person you are. So its time to walk through this guide and make a wise choice!

1) Think Yellow

When you think of warmth and sunshine, you think of nothing other than yellow. A soft and pleasing shade, yellow is perhaps the colour embodiment of sunshine. If you observe keenly, you would notice that yellow also drastically enhances light and a feeling of positive vibrancy.

2) Let’s go green!

It’s true what they say that what represents nature is the best way to become natural and calm. Green mirrors the vibe of nature, plants, and everything that feels one with the world. This feeling will give the room a calmer and more outdoors-y atmosphere; thereby increasing your happiness levels.

3) The ever favourite blue

If you question a group on the colour they like the most, a strong majority would say blue; and that is because this colour is a favourite shade, universally. Not only does this calming shade have the power to bring down your anxiety and make you feel confident; but it also is said to be a loyal and confident shade.

4) In the pink of health!

Pink represents life and positivity. The vibe that this colour sends to the people who reside in a pink space is of happiness, joy, life and a feeling of glee. This light-heartedness that pink provides is not a feeling achieved by many! Therefore, if you want one such sensation, then pink is your definite bet.

Since its also a bolder colour than many, pink can also make a room feel more occupied. So for large spaces, bet pink.

5) The boldest of all – Red

In case you are an up, up and away hustler, who loves to be on their feet; red is definitely your go-to. Not only does red enlighten your home, it also gives a strong and bold colour. If you are someone who likes to get things moving fast and want your home to symbolize and emphasise your confidence and creativity, red is a great choice for you.
Such are the colours for a happy home. Each colour from Special Effects Luxury Sheen, by Jenson & Nicholson represents an emotion or a feeling. But whatever it maybe, ensure that the colour you choose is also a personal mirror of how you are and how you feel. That’s what leads to a happy home..