7 Interesting colour choices for your bedroom in 2021

Every bedroom is a safe haven away from the harsh realities imposed by the world. It is pertinent for your bedroom to be a warm embrace; away from such realities – and perhaps the only way to achieve this is through careful decoration of your bedroom.
When it comes to the interior, the first aspect that runs across anyone’s mind is the paint. The right colour choice for your wall paint will go a long way in deciding how peaceful and at ease you feel in your own bedroom. Wash your walls in hues of blue, whites, yellows and so on; but always remember that a quirky shade goes a long way!
Lets take a quick look at the trendsetting colours which will help you go a long way with your décor:

1) Hey there sunshine!

Once upon a time, yellow was considered to be a risky shade. Then walked in variations of this warm shade; bringing along cloaks of vibrancy. There is now not a single colour that is of more demand than yellow.
Not only is it universally pleasing; but also in the year of 2021, WFH and stay at home has become the need of the hour. Therefore, the need to keep your rooms well light and brighter is unavoidable. With yellow, the task becomes a lot easier. With every splash of yellow, your bedroom becomes brighter, warmer, and if sunlight touches the skin of your yellow painted walls; you would notice a vibrance that your room wouldn’t have otherwise.
This is the wonderful outcome of painting your walls yellow.

2) Neighbours go green with envy!

The shade green has a royal, distinguished feeling. Not only does it remind you of Slytherin from the Harry Potter world; but it also gives your room a majestic look.
If you wear a nice dress; your whole look changes. Likewise, if your room is painted in a beautiful green; the whole vibe of it drastically changes. Imagine a plain room, with hardly any belongings and drab curtains. Now imagine just the walls painted with an emerald green coat. A gorgeous makeover, don’t you think?
Green also has another spectacular tendency. It imitates the soothing calmness that comes with a natural setting. If yellow reminds you of sunshine, some shades of green will remind you of plants and nature at its fullest!
The walls of your room should welcome you, and these variations of coats of green will do just that.

3) The ever desired blue!

Its common knowledge that blue is perhaps the most loved shade there is. Multiple people associate blues with different feelings; but “serenity” beats all. With a coat of blue paint on your wall; your bedroom becomes an everlasting huddle of skies and seas; a serene haven and the best place to be in the whole house!
The darker you go, the more midnight feeling you associate with your blue. If you choose a lighter shade, you automatically are enveloped in a breezy, light hearted space.
Speaking of space; if you are a space lover, blue is your go-to shade! With sprinkles of stars painted above, your bedroom is now the right home for an astronaut.

4) On Wednesdays, we wear pink

Pink is a colour of happiness. The pink of health, a blushing pink, rosy pinked; all things associated with pink usually represent a high standpoint – and your walls are nonetheless. Not only should your room represent your space, but also your happiness. In these four pink walls, would it be possible for you to experience your lows?


Pinks come in a plethora of shades ranging from hot pink, to baby pink and now even neutral pinks! Use the right pink to fit your mindset. With a colour like pink, you know you can never go wrong.

5) Roses are red

The boldest shade in the palette of colour is perhaps red. A very distinctive colour; red shows a variety of emotions. Though some people associate red with danger, it also used as the sole representation of bravery and the universal shade for love.
So if you want to swing it to a bolder and sharper shade, you know red is the right way to go. You know what they say, a dash of red can never go wrong.

6) The subtlety of grey

If you could look at all the colours in the world, and come to a consensus on the most subtle and mild shade of all; wouldn’t you pick grey? Renown for the mild, softness of the shade; grey is perhaps the most interesting choice for your bedroom. Why you ask?
Simply because it gives you more space.
If a room is painted in a colour such as grey, it leaves more space for you to decorate it. Since the colour isn’t heavy, you can go crazy with the interiors. If you choose to move over to a slightly less crowded interior, grey gives you that option as well thus making your room appear larger.

7) Purple is the word

A hue that is known to be ravishingly exquisite; shades of purple/lavender/violet are always gorgeous to look at. Colour your room with a splash of this shade, and trust us – you will love it. Purple gives a vibrant look, whilst also maintaining a cute vibe.
With 2021’s pandemic, you deserve a room which makes you feel like you are safe and also fun to hangout in. Let’s face it, we are facing a lot of “home time”, might as well make it quirky and interesting with these beautiful wall paint colours! Ready to up the colour quotient of your bedroom? Have a look at our range of colour options with Special Effects Luxury Sheen, superior quality water-based wall paint by Jenson & Nicholson.