Here's what nobody will tell you about your home's exterior

People often forget to pay attention to their home’s exterior as much as they do to the interior. Most houses are built with little to no space in between, making them more prone to damage by external factors like wind, rain, seepage, animals, etc. Besides this, standard colours like white and grey or gaudy colours like bright pink and yellow can make your house look unappealing. There is a lot more to a house than just interiors and nobody will tell you that. But it is our responsibility to let you know that your home can make heads turn with a stunning exterior. Read on to find how.

1) Exteriors affect sale value:

While the exterior of a house is not the most sought-after detail while purchasing a property, a bad exterior can dissuade people from buying the house and can give rise to pre- conceived notions about the interior. This doesn’t mean you need to restructure the exterior physically. A simple and cost-effective way to give your exterior a facelift is with a decorative exterior wall paint.
At the same time, your home’s interior and exterior are not separate from one another. If you choose a postmodern exterior look and the interior is more traditional, there will be no link or flow between the two, leaving the design all over the place and even uninviting. It is like stepping into a Chinese restaurant but finding Indian food inside. What the mind registers when it sees the exterior, affects how it accepts the interior.

2) Limit to 3 shades:

Using multiple colours on your exterior walls can be confusing and off- putting. It is best to use 3 different shades for the overall body (concrete/brick), openings (windows, panes, doors) and the parking area. An easy method is to choose 3 shades from the interior. This way, when people enter your home, they don’t find a stark contrast between the outside and inside.

Indian homes have open roof structures that are great for utility purpose. But to add more character to the exterior, a simple tile-on- tile feature could help. Painting this terrace structure with the shade given to openings on the exterior can make the entire house look complete and well-defined.


3) Your neighbour’s exterior matters:

This happens in 2 ways. The first is if your neighbour’s house is too close to yours, chances are that rainwater running off the roof will hit your walls and create seepage or fungal growth over time. The best solution is a water and algal growth-resistant exterior paint that provides good protection year-round.

The second issue is if your exterior colour is too different from your neighbour’s, either or both of the houses can appear smaller and unpleasant. While you don’t have to decide what’s best for your house based on your neighbour’s home, it is best to try and find a shade that is either similar, to add more space and width, or find a good contrast that does not affect your home’s appeal.


4) Don’t conceal texture:

Contrary to popular belief, brick, stone and concrete textures do not have to be concealed. These textures can add depth and character to your home’s exterior and make it look one with nature without too much paint. Instead of completely covering these trendy textures, it is best to use polish or apply only one coat of paint in shades similar to the texture, leaving the look more elevated. This is not only in line with today’s architectural style but also cost- effective as most Indian houses are constructed using these materials unlike in the west.

5) Nature has the best shade range:

Choosing a shade from nature for your home’s exterior can make it look more balanced and spacious even from the outside. If you live by the sea, a light turquoise with brown or grey can give your home a theme which not many of your neighbours would think of. This way, your house stands out. Similarly, choose a shade based on the environment. If it is too hot or humid, lighter shades should be your go-to while dark shades can give your home a cozy feeling in colder regions. You could also opt for popular wall paint shades of 2022 to truly enjoy nature even at home.
Now that we’ve revealed the secrets to an outstanding exterior (pun intended), it is time you rethink your walls and make your home the envy of the town with the range of interior decorative paints from Jenson and Nicholson.