Paint the town red, not your bedroom!

Imagine entering your room, and a flashy hue of red envelops you. With varying emotions tinged with negative connotations surrounding the colour red, it comes as no surprise that it is not an ideal colour of choice for your bedroom.
Though bold and beautiful as a colour, red is perhaps not the right choice for you. If you like a splash of colour in your room, what you can do is incorporate red as a part of furniture or an article. But painting your whole room red? No, not the right way to proceed.
There are a dozen and more reasons as to why red is not the right choice for you. Allow us to explain:

1) The vibe doesn’t sit right

When your friends and family come over, your red room wouldn’t make them feel at ease instantly. The shade red automatically instills a dark, mellow emotion; something that not many would feel comfortable with or to experience. What would be better is a calmer shade, after all, wouldn’t you want them to feel at ease?
Also, with so much red going around, people tend to feel distracted and confused. This is something that can be prevented by opting for a different shade. With a shade such as red, always remember that it is a gamble. If you are inviting people over, red is a definite no-no.

2) Your room speaks volumes about you

People say that the way you maintain your house speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. This does not only fundamentally depend on how clean your house is, but also how you have chosen the right colours to go with your walls, furniture, and so on. There are multiple factors at play here – your walls being one of them.


With red walls, you do set a statement; but it partially depends on the attitude of people who perceive your choice of red. Most people strongly oppose red, as a wholesome colour for a room. By opting for this colour for your walls, you automatically send a message to this clique. There is a solid chance that you will be perceived as an angry person or a person with a definite negative tone at any means.

3) Forget the town, its all about you!

Even if you are not concerned about people finding your wall colour offensive or off-putting, this choice of wall paint can drastically change your mood! Not only is red considered to be a heat-prone shade, therefore making you feel unnecessarily warm and stuffy in your room, but also red can make you experience bouts of mood outs.
The colour red generally raises your energy level. This spike in energy might lead to you experiencing negative emotions such as oscillating anger.

4) Dear sleep, where art thou?

Imagine your eyes being glued on the colour of red right before you settle for bed. Would that invite sleep, for you? High chances, it won’t. Since it is a very inflamed, strong colour; it will eventually cause hindrance to your sleep through varied interference or disturbances. Get ready to bid goodbye to your lovely beauty sleep if you decide to paint your room red!

5) The inexistence of a muted colour

While incorporating a bright or dark red in your room through your walls, you automatically miss out on experiencing the muted, calmer shades which perhaps a blue, beige, or a mild lavender can bring you. Reds can maybe help in your gym or an activity room. But using red in your bedroom is a definite no since it will eliminate calmness or any kind of peace and replace it with a strong or passionate “active” association, along with a negative connotation.
Don’t get us wrong, red is a lovely colour. A splash or two of red in your home can do wonders to your interiors, and in fact, brighten up your day! But this is definitely only for a hit of the colour. By painting your whole room red, you are adding heat, warmth, negativity, causing oscillating mood outs, maybe even gambling with a bit of anger.
Multiple factors, for a single paint colour? Not worth it, if you ask us!