Jenson & Nicholson Pvt. Ltd.,

     Jenson & Nicholson Paints Private Limited (JNPL), is a Joint venture with Jenson & Nicholson India Ltd (JNIL), a company Incorporated in 1922, J & N as it is popularly known, is India's second oldest paint company. In 2016, JNIL and Sheenlac formed the JV Jenson & Nicholson Paints Pvt. Ltd. (JNPL) to revive the brand and create a viable alternative in retail Decorative Paints market in India.

     JNPL has embarked in reviving the brand J & N in the retail market from where JNIL had literally withdrawn. JNPL is managed wholly by Sheenlac team which has over the past three years established the new ownership and revived the J & N brand with an aim to launch into next level.

     JNPL has started re-establishing the insta-color brand which was the pioneer in the tinting of shades and still has high recall in the decorative paint market. The company has also introduced many high quality formulation in South Indian market which is extremely quality conscious. Aggressive and active R & D efforts are set in place to innovate and come up with market first products and solutions.