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GRANDIOSO presents a mural mineral coating that transcends expectations. Crafted for indoor spaces, these high-level transpiration coatings offer a glossy finish reminiscent of mirror surfaces. Elevate your interiors with the sophisticated touch of GRANDIOSO, providing not only aesthetic allure but also superior functionality.

New surfaces:

Use a suitable filler to repair the surface where necessary. When dry, sand the surface and apply a coat of JN Speciality primer diluted 15 – 20% with water. After roughly 4 hours, apply Grandioso.

Old surfaces:

Remove old peeling or chalking paint and wash using a suitable product. Next, apply a coat of JN Speacility primer diluted 50% with water to act as a fixative. After approximately 4 hours, apply a second coat of JN Speciality primer diluted 20 – 30% with water. However, if the surfaces are sound and not chalking, apply a single coat of JN Speciality Primer diluted 20 – 30% with water.

Antique Glossy effect with Grandioso:

ApplyGrandioso using the stainless steel trowel and creating a smooth and compact surface. After roughly 6 hours at 20°C, sand the surface thoroughly and then apply Grandioso with irregular strokes 6 – 10 cm long and spaced 4 – 6 cm apart, over the entire surface to be treated.

After roughly 1 hour at 20°C, start again from the beginning of the surface decorated with the first coat, applying strokes as described above but covering the surface so that each stroke partly overlaps those applied previously. When the product is almost dry, rework
the surface in all directions by pressing on the surface and continue to apply the product with the trowel until obtaining a glossy or even reflective surface. When Grandisos is almost dry, it should
be polished by smoothing it with the spatula or stainless steel trowel, applying pressure to the product with strokes of spatula in all directions, continuing to spatulate until a shiny mirror surface is obtained.

Dilution details:

JN Speciality Primer – 15 to 20% with water
Grandioso – Ready to use


JN Speciality primer – 80 to 120 Sq.ft per Ltr
Grandioso – 70-80 Sq.ft Per Ltr on smooth surfaces for 2 coats (it may vary depending on roughness, porosity, absorption surface and
application method)


Mix well before use ,Wash the tools with water, immediately after using,with water and soap.