Sandinova Soft

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Sandinova Soft:

SANDINOVA SOFT is a premium water-based paint crafted for interior decoration, offering exclusive luminescent sandy reflections. Its versatility suits both modern and classic decorative styles, elevating any environment with elegance. Highly durable and breathable, it withstands washing and can be easily painted over with any other water-based paint, ensuring long-lasting beauty and adaptability to evolving design preferences.

New concrete, masonry or plaster:

Allow the newly constructed cement surface to cure for minimum of 30 days, prior to application of J&N Acrylic Base Water Thinnable Cement Primer. Ensure that the wall to be painted is completely dry and free from any cement residue.

Apply one coat of J&N Acrylic Base Water Thinnable Cement Primer at the recommended dilution level, using standard brush or spray application. Let it dry for minimum 4-5 hours and then apply Jensolin White Cement based Wall Putty using Putty Knife. Allow it to dry for 4-6 hrs. Follow this with one more coat of JN Speciality Primer.

Brushstroke Effect:

Apply Sandinova Soft using the Brush and work in all directions. Allow to dry for about 2 hours, then apply a second coat using the same technique.

Streaked Effect:

Apply Sandinova Soft using the Roller and work in all directions; on the last stroke, move in a vertical direction from top to bottom. Go over the product while it is still wet using the brushed Spatula, moving from top to bottom and vice-versa to leave streaks which are as straight as possible. Allow to dry for about 2 hours, then apply a second coat using the same Roller and Spatula techniques.

Dilution details:

JN Speciality primer – 15 to 20% with water

Sandinova Soft – Ready to use


JN Speciality primer – 80 to 120 Sq.ft per Ltr for one coat

Sandinova Soft – 90 to 10 Sq.ft per Ltr for brushstroked effect and 80 to 90 Sq.ft per Ltr for Streaked effect

(it may vary depending on roughness, porosity, absorption surface and application method)


Mix well before use ,Wash the tools with water, immediately after using,with water and soap.