Transform your living space into an embodiment of your personality and unique taste with JN Special effect designer finishes. It goes beyond being just a home; it’s an expression of your persona and indulgences. Witness an unprecedented interplay of materials and patterns, thoughtfully curated for the modern home. The avant-garde yet sophisticated color palette offers a one-of-a-kind blend of classy and contemporary elements, ensuring that JN Special effect designer finishes brings the wow-factor to your living spaces. Tailored for today’s homes, the finishes seamlessly integrate with the myriad elements of modern interior decor. 

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SERENOVA is a highly versatile and visually captivating water-based paint designed for indoor applications. Its straightforward application method ensures effortless coverage, transforming surfaces into captivating canvases where color embodies movement, beauty, light, harmony, and emotion. Additionally, achieving desired metallic effects is easily attainable with SERENOVA. Each application of this remarkable paint contributes to the creation of an original and harmonious environment, where color and personal taste take center stage, resulting in spaces that are as unique as they are visually stunning.

To achieve the colors and effects showcased in the catalogue, follow these instructions:Mix the SERENOVA paint with the precise amount of Colorants required. For metallic finishes, incorporate the JN Speciality Metallic colorants into the mixture. JN Speciality Metallic colorants comes in nine different shades to offer a range of metallic effects.

New surfaces:

Use a suitable filler to repair the surface where necessary. When dry, sand the surface and apply a coat of JN Speciality primer diluted 15 – 20% with water.

Old surfaces:

Remove old peeling or chalking paint and wash using a suitable product. Next, apply a coat of JN Speacility primer diluted 50% with water to act as a fixative. After approximately 4 hours, apply a second coat of JN Speciality primer diluted 20 – 30% with water. However, if the surfaces are sound and not chalking, apply a single coat of JN Speciality Primer diluted 20 – 30% with water.


Classic Antique effect: apply and work the product gradually over a small surface (about 1 – 2 square metres at a time), using the brush. The application technique consists of spreading the paint in all directions, alternating brush-strokes from right to left and vice versa, and from bottom to top and vice versa, so that the paint is suitably even. After approximately 5 – 10 minutes, go over the surface which has already been treated, still using the brush but not loaded with product, distributing the particles more evenly using soft brush-strokes over the surface. When the smooth areas of paint are dry and the particles standing out from the surface are still wet (after approximately 10 minutes), gently smooth the SERENOVA using the plastic spatula, alternating and crossing the spatula movements.

Dilution details:

JN Speciality primer – 15 to 20% with water

Serenova – Ready to use


JN Speciality primer – 80 to 120 Sq.ft per Ltr

Serenova – 70 to 80 Sq.ft per Ltr for one coat on smooth surfaces

(it may vary depending on roughness, porosity, absorption surface and application method)


Mix well before use ,Wash the tools with water, immediately after using,with water and soap.